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The goal of BestOnlineTraders is to help new investors get off on the right foot. We don't claim to have all the answers to all the questions, but we feel like this site is a great place to start out if you are new to investing. The stock market is a complicated, intimidating entity, complete with complex terminology and calculations. As a new investor, your goals should be to get a grasp on the basics--the fundamentals, if you will. This is what we offer our readers.

There are many sites out that that are packed with information. The problem is that for the new investor, this can be information overload and overwhelming instead of educating. Start slow. Read our introductory articles, browse our online trader reviews and you'll be off to a good start. You will then be ready for more thorough discussions of the more complex aspects of investing, and we have some excellent links right here to help you.

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